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Clean radiant even skin tone- a deep glycolic cleanse - glycolic acide cleanser

glycolic acid cleanser

Kat F. - United states 
Gentle but intensive

This is a great cleanser. It is on the expensive side but it lasts forever. It is not heavy but very exfoliating at the same time.
It is gentle enough to use every morning in the shower but sometimes I only use it a few times a week. It never dries out my skin and is safe for sensitive skin as well. It never leaves my skin red like some exfoliators. My skin is soft and dewy after I use this.

Before and after Glycolic acid cleanser - Touch Skin Care

Jordan. - United states 
It really does work. Worth your money.

I’m 30 and I’ve tried everything to clear my face so I won’t pick. This wash I use 3 times a week. You don’t need to use a lot and it’ll last for a while.

CC - United states 
 Holy Grail Product! GLOWY SKIN

Love this for face & body! Non drying but exfoliates so well! I never write reviews but had to for this because I can’t believe how well it works. I have acne prone sensitive skin & have tried ALOT of high end & drug store products. This is the best glycolic wash out there. Doesn’t burn but is some strong stuff which is what I wanted. Using on face in the morning with Clarisonic (leave it on for a few minutes) then rinse +witch hazel+ cerave moisturizer/sunscreen , night: cerave wash + cerave cream + retin-a 0.1%. I added this to my regimen 1 week ago and it has made my face so much more glowy and smooth. Also using on back & arms for uneven skin texture & it is helping so much- really the only thing that has helped thus far . Also using the glycolic lotion on back and arms. Adding this product to my regime has made a huge difference & I didn’t think a face wash could do that. So far it’s working wonders!! 👍

R. Tellez - United states 

My skin looks like someone buffed it with a polisher

Let's start by saying that I'm a hardcore skincare junkie and I was looking for a glycolic acid face wash that could outperform some of my brand-name Sephora finds without their price tag. This did not disappoint. Whether or not it's "gentle" depends on your tolerance for these kinds of chemicals. Personally, you could probably hit me with pure acid and I wouldn't flinch. I've built my tolerance to glycolic acid slowly, but despite that, I was still expecting to have some kind of reaction to this since I jumped from 5% glycolic acid to 10%. Guess what? The only reaction I've had is beautiful skin. Smoother texture. Fading fine lines. Fading marks and discoloration. Controlled oil. This stuff is GREAT!

C.L. Shoon - United states 
Not just for acne

I was turned onto glycolic acid face wash by my local botox provider as an anti-aging product, not for acne or other skin conditions. As someone who has recently outgrown most anti-acne products but whose skin is too acne-prone for most anti-aging products, this is a perfect middle ground. I've noticed a huge improvement to my skin texture since I started using it (I use just once a day before bed and just rinse my face with water each morning). The few blemishes I do get go away quickly and I feel like it exfoliates just enough to keep my skin clear and firm. I love the basic, recyclable packaging and the clean ingredients. I'm a total Touch convert- I just started using the glycolic acid cream and the daily SPF lotion and I think I've found my perfect skin care trifecta.

Facial cleanser- glycolic acid face wash - touch skin care