Affiliate Program

Welcome to the official Touch Affiliate Program

When you join the Touch Ambassador Affiliate Program below, you will receive 15% of all referral sales you make!

How it works:

- Sign up by completing the form below - it's free and takes 30 seconds!
- After sign-up you will get a welcome email with a link to your dashboard. Your dashboard is where you can find your unique tracking link to our site,, and a unique customer coupon code 
- Your unique tracking link is how we track the sales you bring us. You will get credit for any customers that visit our site through your special link - and you will earn 10% OFF of their entire purchase.
- You will get a credit for the customer sale up to 30 days after they have visited our site.
- You will get an exclusive coupon to share with your audience to encourage them to order with you!
- You can login to your dashboard at any time to view your sales and upcoming commissions.
- We send you a payment via PayPal every time your account reaches $50 or more in commissions.
- Touch Ambassadors that bring in 50+ sales will become a Touch Premium Ambassador... earning 20% Commissions of all future sales!