Vegan & cruelty free no animal testing
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  • Vegan & cruelty free no animal testing
  • Clean ingredients Made in USA
  • TOUCH guarantee 30-day returns & refunds
  • FREE Shipping Orders over $75

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  • Excellent product that delivers results. I bought for Keratosis Pilaris on my upper thighs. I use Touch (you only need a very small amount) with exfoliating gloves in the shower each time I shower. I then follow it up with Glycolic 15% lotion. I am happy to announce that my legs have almost completely cleared up - in under 3 weeks. I have also tried this on my face (which is very sensitive) and it made my face feel very clean and soft.


  • I have recently started struggling with KP bumps on my arms and thighs, which is what made me order this KP Body Wash. And I must say that all the reviews on this are so true - this product is working like a charm! The results were not DRASTIC but I could tell that bumps were getting smoother. I have now been using this product for a couple weeks and while the KP and rough skin aren’t completely GONE, it is definitely improved. I followed their instructions and use a dime sized amount of product on my loofah and lathered it on my arms and thighs. A small amount of this wash goes a long way. I have also ordered the KP lotion and plan to try that on my bumps after my bath.


  • This stuff WORKS! I hardly ever write reviews but if you have rough chicken skin get this stuff!!! I was smooth for the first time in forever within a couple days of using this KP Body lotion. I also bought the shower wash and in conjunction they both did the job! :)


  • I’ve been using this KP Lotion for a little while, and I can’t go without it! I started out using one pump a day, but have since increased to twice daily since it has been working so well. It has been great at improving the redness and the texture on my arms. I have dry skin, and it hasn’t dried out my skin at all, and is actually pretty moisturizing.


  • When I applied the Bright & Clear cream tonight, I knew this was going to become my new holy grail! The cream melted into a beautiful serum like consistency which just absorbed into my skin. It feels lush and did not dry me out. I love this formula because it contains azelaic acid, tranexamic acid, kojic acid and niacinamide.


  • Great Bright & Clear product with highly effective ingredients but remains gentle. Azelaic acid, tranexamic acid, kojic acid and niacinimide have been great in the past for hyperpigmentation so I was super excited to find them all in one product and at an extremely affordable price. I Highly recommend especially for POC with hyperpigmentation as it helps lighten dark spots and prevent new acne from forming.


  • At the risk of sounding overenthusiastic, this facial microdermabrasion facial scrub is exactly what I've been looking for. The tube comes with a little seal, which is good since amazon's shipping can be a bit rough. The scrub is white in color and very lightly scented. The little abrasive pieces in the scrub are very small! I'd been looking for a product that had enough small abrasive particles that it would actually exfoliate instead of just rubbing away. This is it! I absolutely love the coverage I get with this. Just be careful not to scrub too hard! I also love that the scrub doesn't dry out my face, so many facial scrubs have anti-acne products that dry out my skin. This scrub is just that, an exfoliating scrub.


  • I've been using the Touch Glycolic Acid Toner for about two weeks and I'm amazed at the difference in my skin so far. First, it doesn't sting (alcohol free) and just has a refreshing tingle from the Witch Hazel, which is very refreshing. I've noticed that the pores around my nose and in my T-spot look a lot smaller. My blemishes have calmed, there's no redness or inflammation like before. Overall, my skin feels cleaner, looks less dull and my makeup glides on smoothly. Highly recommended and I'm getting more both for myself and as presents!


  • When I first put the Anti-aging SPF on I was worried. It is white like a sunscreen but it absorbs quickly and it’s too greasy.


  • I have combination skin with oily T zone. I have been using this Glycolic Acid Toner since December. When I first began to use it I was having a lot of break outs and stressing for breaking out and breaking out even more. I started to use this and the first couple of time I felt very strong stinging sensation so I would use maybe 2-3 a week. After 2 weeks of using I noticed significant results. I started to see clear skin so I worked myself to using it now every night. And I can definitely tell this made a difference in my skin cause I tried a more expensive toner 2 weeks ago made me break out and felt a sticky residue after. When back to this and in a day dried up pimples I got from switching products.


  • I’m approaching my next birthday and was not happy with my mirror - adult acne scars, dark spots, duller skin and deeper lines. I can’t afford laser procedures and I’m not a fan of chemical peels. I wanted something safer that I could do at home. I’m very pleased with how my face looks and feels after just 2 sessions (2 times per week was recommended) with Touch Microdermabrasion. First, my skin feels softer and moisturizer sinks in much better. My skin looks less dull and dry, and makeup goes on smoothly. Next, a few of the newer lines around my eyes are less noticeable already. I’m definitely pleased with Touch Microdermabrasion. My face has only felt and looked this healthy after a full salon facial. Now I can have similar results at home!


  • I have been using these awesome facial pads for a little over two weeks and I absolutely love love love them ❤️ After the three weeks my skin is baby soft my pores have diminished lots and my skin tone has evened out and my face just looks bright and glowing ☺️ I use them everyday and the only problem I have had is when I tried it on my neck and developed a rash so I ceased doing that and rash went away 👌🏽 I do after I use the pad on my face rub it on my hands and they are hella smooth as well 😊 these pads are well very well saturated with product so you get coverage while using them 👍🏼 I will most definitely be reordering these soon because they work well and I do sincerely love them 💗


  • Very effective. I have been using another more expensive brand for years and saw better results with these pads. I also saw results much quicker--the very next day my skin looked brighter and more even toned. At 51 years old, I am no stranger to anti-aging treatments and consider proper exfoliation to be essential. I've paid for professional glycolic peels and these pads are almost as good for a lot cheaper. I've learned the hard way with other products of this type that they are way too strong for the eye area, so I am careful to put coconut oil on that and any other sensitive areas before using these. I use them on my face a few nights a week after cleansing, but they're also fantastic for cracked heels. Great product. I will definitely repurchase.