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SPF30 - Touch Skin care

Anti-Aging SPF 30 Moisturizer

Connie V. - United states 

This moisturizer is amazing! I noticed a marked difference after my first use. My skin was visibly smoother and brighter. I even didn't wear foundation, because I felt my skin looked so good. It's very light and doesn't take much time to soak in so you can put on any makeup right away. It is easy to apply and gentle on my skin - and I'm over 65! Also, I like how it feels on my skin. Often with moisturizer or sunscreen, I feel like there is a paste on my skin all day, and normally it causes me to break out or it feels like my face can't breathe. I'm not having any breakouts with this, and I can't even tell I'm wearing it throughout the day. Really like the easy squeeze bottle with my arthritic fingers. No scent at all, and my skin feels soft after use. It's my new favorite.

Marina Corbi - United states 
Works Really Well!

I’ve had this product for about a week and it’s working really well so far. When I first opened it, I noticed it smelled somewhat like sun screen. It does say right on the bottle that it has SPF 30 moisturizing, but I didn’t realize it would smell like that (not that that’s a bad thing though). I have some dark, baggy areas under my eyes, but my husband has it even worse, so we both gave this cream some usage. My eyes look brighter and more open, so I appear more aware than ever. My husband’s dark spots were severe, so I can’t say it cleared them up entirely, but there is a huge difference between the before and after affects. He’s going to continue to use it, so hopefully he’ll have the same outcome I did. What I love most is how quickly this works and we’re already both seeing so much improvement.

Fallon Torrez - United states 
The best product I’ve bought thus far

So I bought this product after reading all the amazing reviews and I have to say it ABSOLUTELY lives up to its name. It soaks right into your skin immediately, it is so velvety, doesn’t sweat off, gives adequate protection, I am HERE for this product!!! I’d say you should use a second moisturizer afterward even though it does moisturize. It doesn’t as much as it could but it certainly does moisturize. A big thing I noticed was the brightening though. It truly brightened my skin and made me look more awake/clean. I absolutely love it. 9/10.

Maria Jose Lopez - United states 
A moisturizer worth using if you want to start taking care of your skin

I may be Young (26) but I think for taking care of my skin it was just about time that I started to be more concern to take care of it. I have a very dry fair skin that it already has wrinkles.
I have been using this moisturizer with Hyaluronic that had made my face feel hydrated through all my day. I can se some fine wrinkles disappearing and feeling calm that I am also protecting my face with its 30 SPF that is what I need for the style of life I have that I do need protection but I am not in direct sunlight for my whole day. I also like that it does not leave any fragrance because I am really skeptical with fragrances and I can be dizzy easily and this does not make me feel like that.

Tiffany - United states 

Matte finish, no shine, not too sunscreen smell

Really like this stuff! A little goes a long way, doesn’t make your face shiny, gives a matte finish. This little bottle is going to last me!As for break outs, I only break out on my chin and I have not put this on my chin (I barely touch my chin with anything lol), but haven’t noticed break outs anywhere I’ve put it. Definitely try it out!

SPF 30 Moisturizer - Touch Skin Care