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glycolic acid pads 20%

glycolic acid pads 20%


Nicole Fagerhaug - United states 


I ordered this product because it was recommended on one of those “best Amazon beauty products” lists and boy was this one of the best decisions ever! I only use it every other day because it is too strong for everyday use. But my skin feels smoother, more even, and is visibly brighter! This works better than any exfoliating scrub I’ve ever used. My pores are disappearing and I have a constant dewy, fresh looking complexion. I am 41 years old and have never used a product that delivers such great results so quickly. It’s definitely worth a try, especially for the price!

Jewell - United states 
Smooth and soft

I have been using these awesome facial pads for a little over two weeks and I absolutely love love love them ❤️ After the three weeks my skin is baby soft my pores have diminished lots and my skin tone has evened out and my face just looks bright and glowing ☺️ I use them everyday and the only problem I have had is when I tried it on my neck and developed a rash so I ceased doing that and rash went away 👌🏽 I do after I use the pad on my face rub it on my hands and they are hella smooth as well 😊 these pads are well very well saturated with product so you get coverage while using them 👍🏼 I will most definitely be reordering these soon because they work well and I do sincerely love them 💗

Jill Turner - United states 
Very effective. I have been using another more expensive brand for years and saw better results with these pads. I also saw results much quicker--the very next day my skin looked brighter and more even toned. At 51 years old, I am no stranger to anti-aging treatments and consider proper exfoliation to be essential. I've paid for professional glycolic peels and these pads are almost as good for a lot cheaper. I've learned the hard way with other products of this type that they are way too strong for the eye area, so I am careful to put coconut oil on that and any other sensitive areas before using these. I use them on my face a few nights a week after cleansing, but they're also fantastic for cracked heels. Great product. I will definitely repurchase.
J. Kirkland - United states 
Touch products are amazing!
I LOVE Touch products! And I might be their number one fan. I think I’ve reviewed this product before. I’ve been using them for about 18 months now. My skin has changed so much. Maybe not so much that someone else can tell... although I do have fewer breakouts now... but my skin is so soft and smooth now! Because I use a few different Touch products I don’t need these hardly at all anymore. I started off once or twice a week and then started using them every other day. Now I use them maybe once every couple weeks. They are so moist too! Even when you get to the last few! Each pad has a rough side for extra exfoliating and a smooth side for more sensitive skin (hard to tell in the picture, but I tried to show it). My skin has seriously changed! :) I use their facial wash twice a day and follow up with the moisturizer. I haven’t had a real zit in about a year... just little white heads once and a while that disappear hours later. These products are amazing. If you have KP (keratosis pilaris) you must try there KP body wash and lotion. Life changing! But you do need to use both for results. I’ve tried using one or the other and the combo really is much more successful. I could sing their praises all day... haha. And customer service is awesome too. Excellent company!
Diana L. United states 
Best skincare item I've tried in a long time!
Terrific exfoliating pads! I've used various AHA products over the years (including the Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% and their 30% AHA/BHA peeling solution, Alpha Skin Care Intensive Rejuvenating 14% serum, Pixi Glow pads and Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Pads) and these are by far my favorite. I started seeing results after two weeks (using them every other day), and after three months my skin looks radiant. It's made my skin brighter, smoother and softer and my pores seem to be tighter.

These pads tingle a little bit upon application, but not too bad and it usually only lasts for a few minutes. The product instructions say you can rinse this product off, but I've never felt the need to. I usually give it 10 minutes to do its thing and then apply my nighttime moisturizer on top of it. That said my skin isn't particularly sensitive and I've been a regular user of AHA products for years, so I would proceed with caution if you're new to higher concentration AHA products or if you have sensitive skin.

And as always if you're going to use this type of product, do NOT be lazy about daily sunscreen application! When you exfoliate your skin, you're sloughing away layers of old skin cells. That layer of old skin is what makes your complexion look tired, lined and dull, but it also offers some minor sun protection. If you take it away through exfoliation, you need to be mindful that the skin is extra vulnerable to damage. Apply sunscreen liberally and often when you spend time out in the sun, and stick to the shade (or wear a hat!) as much as possible.
Hillary - United states 
My skin is very sensitive. I can actually use this product every single day without a problem. I took advice from other reviewers and cut all 50 pads in half. The pads are very saturated and decent in size. I am definitely able to get 100 uses out of this which is extremely impressive for the price. I will DEFINITELY be buying this product again. My 35 year old face has never looked better. My skintone is more even and bright. I am starting to see a hydrated glow that I have literally never seen on my skin before. My acne is completely gone. And my acne scars are starting to diminish. I am so glad that I went through with this purchase. You have a customer for life!
Glycolic Acid pads 20% - Touch Skin Care