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Smooth radiant even skin tone - glycolic acid toner - touch skin care

glycolic acid toner

E. Brown - United states 
Refreshing, great looking skin after 2 weeks.

Before and after Glycolic Acid Toner - Touch Skin Care

"I've been using the Touch Glycolic Acid Toner for about two weeks and I'm amazed at the difference in my skin so far. First, it doesn't sting (alcohol free) and just has a refreshing tingle from the Witch Hazel, which is very refreshing. I've noticed that the pores around my nose and in my T-spot look a lot smaller. My blemishes have calmed, there's no redness or inflammation like before. Overall, my skin feels cleaner, looks less dull and my makeup glides on smoothly. Highly recommended and I'm getting more both for myself and as presents!"

N. Ochoa - United states 
Amazing 💥

"I have combination skin with oily T zone. I have been using this since December. When I first began to use it I was having a lot of break outs and stressing for breaking out and breaking out even more. I started to use this and the first couple of time I felt very strong stinging sensation so I would use maybe 2-3 a week. After 2 weeks of using I noticed significant results. I started to see clear skin so I worked myself to using it now every night. And I can definitely tell this made a difference in my skin cause I tried a more expensive toner 2 weeks ago (exfolikate triple acid resurfacing treatment) made me break out and felt a sticky residue after. When back to this and in a day dried up pimples I got from switching products."

D. Diamond - United states 
New Favorite Toner

I've been using witch hazel as a toner for the past few years, but I think I've officially made the switch over to this toner! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean and extremely soft. It takes off everything I missed when washing my face + more. It makes my skin feel more hydrated and even, I've noticed a difference in how hydrated my skin feels and how it looks! I feel glowy and my skin is clearer than ever, definitely recommend.

S. Harris - United states 
Liquid Gold

Love this stuff! I have horrible skin right now due to a crazy hormone imbalance and I was on a mission to find something that would help reduce pore size and this stuff is legit! I noticed that about 10 minutes after I put it on my skin looked MUCH better...large pores were almost invisible and my skin tone was more even. It doesn't really have a smell which is nice as does make my face itch a little for a few minutes after I put it on but I believe thats just it doing its thing.

S. Selena - United states 
My new go-to toner!

I honestly was very impressed with this toner. I was looking for something that I could use 2x a day (morning and at night), and wanted it to feel clean and refreshed without over drying my skin. The packaging for this product is very nice (as pictured), and more importantly, a little goes a long way!

I have been using this daily since I have received it, and usually soak a cotton pad with it, and apply directly to my face. I normally have extremely sensitive skin, but luckily this has not irritated it one bit, and I've seen an improvement in the texture and consistency in my skin. I would definitely recommend this product.


Smooth - radiant - even skin tone - Glycolic Acid Toner - Touch Skin Care