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How to Minimize your Pores in 3 Simple Steps

How to Minimize your Pores in 3 Simple Steps

Pores are small openings in the skin that contain hair follicles and release oils and sweat. When pores are enlarged, it may be because of acne, increased sebum production, sun damage, or non comedogenic makeup.  Although you can’t change the size of your pores, you can minimize the appearance of enlarged pores through a step-by-step process. 

Step 1: Cleanse twice daily

Since enlarged pores are caused by excess sebum production in the skin, the most important step is to make sure your skin is properly cleansed every day, twice daily. By using an effective cleanser that works to deeply cleanse the skin without over-drying it, like our Glycolic Acid Cleanser, you are better able to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores.

But even the best cleansers don’t work if you are not using them correctly, so make sure that you are:

  • Dampening the skin with room temperature water
  • Applying a pea-sized amount to your fingertips
  • Lathering the product into the skin for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Rinsing the skin completely and patting the skin dry

Step 2: Exfoliate the skin with AHAs

Alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHAs) are a group of water-soluble acids that dissolve the “glue” that holds skin cells together, allowing dead skin cells to slough off more easily. AHAs reduce the appearance of enlarged pores by exfoliating the dead skin cells that cause clogged pores. 

The most effective type of AHA is glycolic acid, since it’s gentle enough to be used with all skin types yet effective enough to cause a difference in the skin. Glycolic acid helps dissolve the openings of pores and decrease the amount of dead skin that can get trapped inside the pore. 

Using one of our many products that contain glycolic acid will ensure that your pores are kept as small as possible. Whether you’re using our Glycolic acid cleanser, Glycolic acid toner, or Glycolic acid pads - your skin will thank you with the reduction of pores, leading to clear and smooth skin.

Step 3: Moisturize the skin to maintain a balanced hydration

Those with oily skin tend to skip out on moisturizer, thinking that their skin already produces enough hydration to add more. But oily skin is actually a sign of dehydration in the skin because the skin is trying to make up for the lack of hydration by over-producing oil. 

Ensuring that you have an effective moisturizer in your skincare routine will lead to your skin feeling hydrated and appearing smooth, free of pores. The best moisturizers for enlarged pores are light-weight, water-based moisturizers, like our Plant Collagen Moisturizer

Our Plant Collagen Moisturizer is a day & night moisturizer cream packed with powerful non-comedogenic ingredients like Vegetable Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, C & E, and Coenzyme Q10. This anti aging moisturizer provides all day hydration to protect & strengthen your skin while also reducing wrinkles and fine lines. 

Although pores cannot be completely changed, you can minimize the appearance of pores through an effective skincare routine aimed at controlling them. By understanding how pores get enlarged and ensuring you complete this step-by-step process, your pores will appear smaller in no time.