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Your AM and PM Skincare Routine this Winter

Your AM and PM Skincare Routine this Winter

As we head into the cooler, winter months, it’s a great time right now to take a look at your current skincare routines and decide if they need to be switched out for products that are better suited for colder months. 

With the seasons changing, the weather has a different effect on your skin, so it’s best to switch up your skincare routine throughout the year. This blog post will be your in-depth guide to morning and night skincare routines for winter!

AM Skincare Routine

Winter mornings are typically cold and dry, so you definitely want to make sure you’re hydrating first thing in the morning. Your morning skincare routine will not only remove oils from your skin that accumulated overnight, but it will also hydrate and protect your skin for the day ahead.

During the winter months, your skin will crave moisture so make sure to apply moisturizer to your skin and lip balm to keep your lips hydrated as well. It’s also important to exfoliate more often in the colder months so you can increase your exfoliation to every other day. 

Here’s the AM skincare routine we recommend for winter:

Start your day by washing your skin with a hydrating cleanser, like our Glycolic Acid Face wash, and then follow up by applying a toner, like our Glycolic Acid Toner. After you have cleansed your skin and applied toner, apply our Collagen Moisturizer to provide extra moisture to your skin. Lastly, finish up your skincare routine with our Anti-Aging SPF 30 Moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun. Even if it’s cold and gloomy out, the sun can still penetrate through the clouds so always make sure to apply SPF even during the winter. 

PM Skincare Routine

Your night-time skincare routine should be suited for removing the oils that accumulated throughout the day and

for applying products that are going to replenish your ski

n overnight. While you sleep, your skin restores itself so it’s the best time to apply hydrating products to the skin. 

During the winter months, since the weather is typically more dry, it’s best to add a heavy night cream to your skin so that while you sleep, your skin is not only being restored but it’s also being hydrated. It’s also recommended to sleep with lip balm and sleep on satin pillow sheets since cotton is more damaging to your skin.

Here’s the PM skincare routine we recommend for winter:

If you wear any makeup throughout the day, remove your makeup with an oil cleanser. We recommend avoiding makeup wipes since they cause micro-tears in your skin and only move the makeup around rather than removing it. After you have removed your makeup, upgrade your skincare with glycolic acid and follow up by cleansing your skin with a hydrating cleanser, like our Glycolic Acid face wash. Using a cotton pad or just your fingertips, apply our Glycolic Acid toner to the skin. This toner will help to gently exfoliate your skin. After you have applied the toner, follow up by applying the Collagen Moisturizer to your skin. This moisturizer will protect your skin and hydrate it. Lastly, finish off by applying a night cream to soak in extra moisture as you sleep. 

Don’t just survive these winter months - thrive!

It’s very common to experience seasonal depression and this can be worsened if you’re having skin problems, so we recommend kicking your self-care up a notch. While you’re snowed in on those cold, winter months - have a spa night! Put on a face mask, exfoliate your skin, and drink some hot chocolate. 

Wishing you the happiest of holidays from the team at Touch!