How to do Cassie from Euphoria's 4 AM Skincare Routine using Touch Products

How to do Cassie from Euphoria's 4 AM Skincare Routine using Touch Products

If you’re anything like us, you impatiently wait for every Sunday to roll around so that you can finally watch Euphoria. And if you’re unfamiliar with the show, Euphoria is a drama series aired on HBO Max that centers around a group of teens in high school. In the most recent season, there’s a scene where Cassie wakes up at 4 AM to undergo an extensive skincare and beauty routine for the sole purpose of impressing her new love, Nate. 

The intense routine takes her over three hours to complete and involves everything from facial massaging tools to hair-curling ribbons. Since the episode aired, Cassie’s 4 AM skincare routine has been featured all over social media, with everyone doing their own rendition of her routine. Although we don’t think you need to wake up at 4 AM to do your skincare routine (especially for a boy), here’s how you can follow Cassie’s skincare and beauty routine using Touch products (preferably at a more reasonable time). 

Step 1: Exfoliate in the shower

The first thing Cassie does when she wakes up at 4 AM is hop in the shower and exfoliate her body. She uses a dry scrub to wash off dead skin and then proceeds to shave her legs. Using our Keratosis Pilaris Exfoliating Body Wash, you can achieve the same result by exfoliating and clearing your skin. This wash is perfect to use right before you shave your legs because it gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it as the perfect canvas to remove hair.

Step 2: Heatless curls and under-eye care

After Cassie gets out of the shower, she uses heatless hair-curling ribbons to curl her hair and applies under-eye patches. Since the Plant Collagen Moisturizer is perfect for sensitive skin, you can apply it under your eyes for the same result as an under-eye patch. Since the under-eye skin is the most sensitive skin on your body, make sure to apply it gently using your ring finger. 

Step 3: De-puff and massage face

Cassie follows up by using an ice roller to de-puff her face and a face massager to massage her face. To de-puff your face using Touch products, you can use the Glycolic Acid Cleanser to provide a deep cleanse to the skin without drying it. A great alternative to a face massager is to use your hands! Apply the Bright & Clear Cream to your fingertips and massage it into your skin in an upwards motion. Massaging the skin upwards helps increase the blood circulation to your skin, which leads to renewed and glowing skin. 

Step 4: Apply body lotion

The last step to Cassie’s routine (before her extensive makeup routine) is applying body lotion all over her body. Using our Keratosis Pilaris Exfoliating Lotion, a deeply moisturizing and exfoliating body lotion, you can achieve the same result as Cassie. Apply the lotion all over your body and you are all done!

We will be waiting impatiently for the next season to come out, but in the meantime - let us know what you think about Cassie’s intense routine on our Instagram. Will you be trying this out?