Acne and Breakouts- All You Need to Know

Acne and Breakouts- All You Need to Know

Did you know that 85 percent of people suffer from mild to severe acne forms in their lives?

The easy-to-recognize pop-outs look unsightly and can be painful as well.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADA), acne can come in various forms, including whiteheads and blackheads. But pimples are the most severe type as they develop deep in your skin, causing a painful bump.

Although the chronic condition is a common skin problem, it is sometimes difficult to understand its types, causes, and treatments. If you often develop red, swollen bumps or breakouts on your face, having proper knowledge of them may help you.

Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about acne and breakouts.

What is Acne?

Your skin comprises millions of pores, and each of them contains a sebaceous gland and hair follicle. The sebaceous gland produces natural oil so your skin stays hydrated and moisturized. It is worth mentioning that your skin is constantly shedding dead cells and regenerating them.

When sebum traps the dead cells within your skin, it accumulates cell build-up and creates non-inflammatory acne.  On the hand, inflammatory acne is another type of infection that a combination of dead cells, oil, and bacteria present on your skin cause.

Types of Acne

Identifying the type of acne you have is essential for a successful treatment. As mentioned above, acne is generally of two types, including inflammatory and non-inflammatory. These main types are further divided into two categories;

  • blackheads
  • papules
  • whiteheads
  • pustules
  • cysts
  • nodules

It is possible to experience more than one type of acne at the same time. It can be a severe condition that may require a visit to a skin doctor.


How can You Treat Acne

Treating acne heavily relies on your skincare regime.  Clogged pores are one of the most common reasons for blackheads and whiteheads. The key to getting rid of them is to keep the pores unclogged and prevent germs from infiltrating them. You need to keep your skin clean, exfoliated, and moisturized with quality skincare products like a Glycolic acid face wash and toner.

Using the right and effective products for skin care can be tremendously advantageous to prevent breakouts.

Benzoyl peroxide is a well-known ingredient for fighting acne. It contains powerful exfoliating and gentle ingredients such as Emollients & Humectants. Available in over-the-counter (OTC) gels, cleaners, and spot treatments, this ingredient comes in different concentrations for mild to moderate breakouts. Try Touch’s Acne Treatment Gel - Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%, this super-light gel immediately fights facial and body acne, prevents future breakouts, and redness.

Summing Up

All in all, acne is a combination of comedones and develops due to several reasons. It can be inflammatory and non-inflammatory and needs you to opt for effective acne treatment. You must have a healthy skincare routine to mediate acne and keep skin fresh and beautiful.